Thank you for your interest in:

The Individual Health Insights (IHI) App Study

The Center for Closing the Health Gap has partnered with knowRX to test a mobile app that allows individuals to track their health and wellness and monitor symptoms related to the COVID 19 virus. You can gather relevant personal data to share with your care provider(s).

This app was designed to help you monitor symptoms or lack thereof, related to COVID 19, as well as other symptoms you may have related to other health issues. The benefit of self-monitoring at home provides knowledge to determine your actions needed and possibly prevent unwarranted visits to medical offices already overwhelmed with patients exposed to COVID 19.

knowRx and Closing the Health Gap are committed to making it easy for people to participate in medical research because more data can lead to discoveries that save lives. Early detection of symptoms related to COVID 19 may prevent more serious health issues for you and others around you.

We are seeking individuals 18-65 to participate in a four (4) week usage period to evaluate the IHI app. 

To participate you Must: 

* Participants must be between the ages of 25-65

* Participants must have continued access to a Smartphone, computer or tablet

* Participants must be fluent in the English language

To Participate you Must Not:

* Participants must not currently have a health condition that limits the physical or cognitive use of the digital app. 

* Participants must not have a scheduled surgery/procedure in the next four weeks. 

Here’s what you need to know:
You will view a video that demonstrates how the app works.
You will answer a few questions to see if you qualify for the study.

If you qualify, you will be asked to provide your consent to participate in the study.

You will download the app to your smartphone, tablet or computer.
You will be asked to use the app for a four-week study period.
At the end of the study you will be asked to answer a few questions about your experience with the app.